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Learn about our work in the Olympia area to prevent and stop bullying

Our certification in the anti-bullying methodology of Verbal Defense and Influence allows us to provide a variety of anti-bullying resources to children, teens and parents in the Olympia WA area

Locally, we offer seminars and classes for children and teensĀ on HOW to prevent bullying from happening and HOW to stop bullying if it ever occurs.

These seminars and classes are provided at our Olympia Bully Expert school.

Our training is unlike other programs that just offer statistics on the significance of the problem and tired old advice (that doesn’t work) like “ignore it,” “walk away,” “fight back,” and “tell the teacher.”

Instead, we teach HOW to develop a bully shield and how to defend yourself if attacked using the proven methodology of Verbal Defense & Influence for communicating under pressure.

In addition, we also offer anti-bullying information for parents via our:

To learn more about any of these anti-bullying resources, please fill out the form below or access our Contact Us page.